Saturday, March 28, 2015

JESSTURES sketchbook

I think next week sometime I'll open up a pre-order for my sketchbook. I received another proof today - this one is all color including interiors (a few of the inside pages are color, most are still b/w). I think I'll leave the pre-order up for a week or two, then order copies based on how many orders I get. 
You could get a sketchbook by itself ($10 US) OR one with a drawing included on a separate piece of paper (same size as the book a 5.5x8.5 $20). 
It'll take a week or so for me to get the books, then a week or 2 to draw. If all goes well I'll start shipping AFTER C2E2 (which is April 24-26). I should have sketchbooks available for C2E2 and any left overs will be on my shop. 
Nicer drawings will be done for the pre-order only. Future orders thru the shop can have drawings done directly inside the book (not on a separate sheet like the pre-order). GAH too much info explodesBOOM.

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Dar said...

Very Sherilyn Fenn-ish.