Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 convention sketchbook

"Big Trouble in Little Sketchbook"
If you'd like a copy, shoot me $10 (that includes shipping AND international too). Color cover, b/w interior. 23 pages (front and back). I'll do a sketch for you on the 23rd page, and the 24th page is blank with legal schtuff). You can get a sense of the size in the photo above. Paypal is 'thewogs at'.
I'll only be at 2 more conventions this year (see con schedule on main page here) so if you'd like one of my books and won't be at one of the shows I'm attending, you might just want to pick it up from me online.
Be sure to let me know what character you'd like sketched in the book and that paypal has your current address! Includes some BTiLC sketches along with previously seen and new artwork!
Please allow approx. 2 weeks for shipping.



Bootcamp said...

Wow, your art work is amazing! It's so detail oriented. That's definitely a gift, and you use it amazingly. Thanks for sharing your work on your blog.

Kevin Butcher said...

Hi Jessica,
I've tried sketching like this and I know how difficult it is and I have really enjoyed looking at your work. I would like to buy a copy of "Big Trouble in Little Sketchbook". Please draw Yoda in it. If you can tweak it very slightly to personalize it so it wears glasses like mine that would be great. (See photo on Kevin Butcher). If you cannot I will enjoy it anyway. I will send you the $10 via Paypal right now.

Merideth Silberman said...

Hi Jessica, you have a great talent! Your artwork is excellent and it is very detailed. I wish I can sketch that good like you. I am a frustrated painter/sketcher. But keep it up Jessica!